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innovative tradition

Manufacturer since 1942

Joma is the result of extensive experience and a permanent spirit of innovation. Experience accumulated over 75 years, allowing us to become a reference point on the mailbox, cash box and metallic cabinet markets. Years and years developing new products, which has led to us being a renowned brand in the sector.

The search for the most advanced designs and our determination to manufacture only under top quality standards, has been and is a constant in the day-to-day activity of Joma.

We are a Spanish company that design and manufacture all kinds of metal solutions, based in the Basque Country.


An ongoing improvement process which never ceases. Because our R&D department keeps on researching and developing new prototypes. And our manufacture technicians work every day to find the latest materials and achieve the best solutions.

customized solutions

What do you need?

We make it for you!


Joma is a company specialized in custom manufacturing. We have a technical R & D department to carry out any project.

buzones a medida

made in spain,

quality guarantee

All the Joma products are manufactured in Spain, in our new facilities based in Legutio. Our factory guaranties the maximum quality in materials, production process, painting and finishing operations.

buzones made in spain
buzones made in spain
buzones made in spain
ISO 9001


Management system that complies with The Quality requirements of the Standard ISO 9001: 2015 , for the manufacturing Of all Joma Products.


We are present in more than 35 countries around the world

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Tel: (+34) 945 31 87 70  •  Email: joma@joma.es

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